Our Passion

Find Adventure Sport was created out of a passion for running and navigation, and a respect for what we learn about ourselves and the world when we explore outdoors. Sharing these passions with children while also building life skills was the foundation for what we developed into a programmatic approach for individuals, sports teams, and schools.

Our Belief

What does FAS believe in? We believe that the environment is a mirror to ourselves; the stronger we can connect to the natural environment, the more in-tune we will be with ourselves and those around us. Our programs provide a space for participants to get out into nature, develop a sense of confidence being in the natural world through the activities, yielding an overall stronger connection between self and the surroundings.


Getting to the understanding or essence of a thing so that it can be seen and transferred to any other area application/life. For example the principle of rhythm is to find a perpetual balance in motion; in music this could be staying on the beat, in the running it means to bring breathing arms and legs into connected motion.


The steps or actions required to complete a task, such as taking a compass bearing to travel from one location to another.


The ability to connect the principle and the skill in the given moment to meet the current situation.

Lisa and family in cave
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Meet Our Team

Lisa Modica

    ​Lisa Modica grew up in Boulder, Colorado, running. She graduated from Shining Mountain Waldorf High School, and went to run cross country and track, and compete in duathlons and triathlons before graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Environmental Studies.

    Lisa now has an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University, and when she is not running or adventuring, she works with schools and individuals starting up or making changes to their ventures. She lives in Petaluma with her husband and two children. ​

    Erin Schirm

      Erin Schirm graduated from Green Meadow Waldorf School in New York. He attended Syracuse University were he competed for four years in Track and Cross Country. He received his BS in physical education. Erin is trained in level 1 Spacial Dynamics, and in 2012 he started coaching the Junior National Orienteering team.

      He is the Junior National Coach of the Junior Orienteering Team and the Director of Sport Development for Orienteering USA, and just completed his Level 2 USATF Youth Specialization certification. Erin Currently resides in San Rafael CA.