Petaluma Navigator Program


The Navigator Adventure running program is the next step after pathfinder. The this program is for kids who have participated in the pathfinder program or are between the ages of 8-11. The program focuses on developing skill in the three areas:

  1. running: kids continue to learn the basics of form, rhythm, flexibility and adaptability in various types of running activities such as intervals, hill sprints, and tempo runs.
  2.  agility station focuses on developing skill in the four areas of form, agility, jumping, and strength.
  3. orienteering station the kids start learning the specific skills of navigation for advanced beginner and intermediate orienteering.

This program takes place in parks around Petaluma.

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Event Details

Day 1: January 22, 2019

Day 2: January 29, 2019

Day 3: February 05, 2019

Day 4: February 12, 2019

Day 5: February 19, 2019

Day 6: March 05, 2019

Day 7: March 12, 2019

Day 8: March 19, 2019

Day 9: March 26, 2019

Day 10: April 02, 2019

Start time: 16:45 p.m.

End time: 17:45 p.m.

Venue: Helen Putnam, Open Field Farm, Helen Putnam

Email: [email protected]