Adventure running focuses on three skills: navigation, running and agility.

Our goal is that these three areas of development will provide the means for a person to find balance in themselves and the capacity to navigate life with creativity and confidence.


In the program running serves as a metaphor for the will. The running program focuses on giving kids the strength and ability to move effectively between point A and B. It’s starts with rhythm and body awareness, adaptation to various situations and proper mechanics and evolves into endurance running training.


Navigation focuses on the skills it takes to get from point A to point B. Kids start out by developing awareness of their surroundings, a sense of direction and location, and progress to learning to use a map and compass to navigate. Navigation serves as the metaphor for learning creative thinking, problem solving and decision making.


The agility serves the purpose of developing flexibility in the moment. The program focuses on developing coordination, free movement and a strong body.

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